A central part to any visit to the Gaeltacht is the Bean an Tí. We have houses of the highest standard in Árainn Mhór. Irish is the spoken language of these houses and this affords the student ample opportunity to practice the Irish he/she may have learnt during the morning classes. Inspectors from the department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands examine these houses on a regular basis to ensure that high standards are being met. All families have been Garda vetted. The Bean an Tí follows a menu, which has previously been agreed with the College authorities. Any special requirements should be made known to the college beforehand. We make a guarantee that students will be housed with at least one of their friends.

“Cinnirí” stay in most of the houses with the students. Cinnirí are young adults who have attended the courses before and have achieved a high degree of fluency in the language. These young men and women are chosen for their ability to encourage and motivate students and to assist those students who have difficulty in settling in or who have other problems. Most houses are within easy walking distance of the College centres. Transport is provided in bad weather if necessary.

Below is a sample of one of our houses, teach Ailín Nic Eachrain.