What should I bring ?

Towels, Toiletries, Rain Gear, Swimwear, Sun lotion. There are various fancy dress and themed themed Ceilís during the course so you can bring costumes for these if you like (not a necessity). Also a hardback copybook and pens for classes.

How much should I bring ?

Due to space on the buses travelling to and from Arranmore we recommend a large suitcase and a personal rucksack.

Whats the story with my mobile ?

Phones are kept by the Bean an Tí in the house and are given to students to phone home between 5:45 and 6 in the evening. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all you are here to learn Irish and the best way to do this is to totally immerse yourself in the language. Your phone is a major distraction in doing this. “How will I survive !! “, I hear you ask. You’ll survive perfectly fine. I’d go as far as to say you’ll be having so much fun interacting with people around you that you won’t even miss it.

How much money will I need ?

All your meals are provided for each day. Thats breakfast, dinner, evening tea and supper. There are a few shops on the island to buy sweets, drinks and ice-cream etc. There may be optional tours provided by the college, they should cost no more than €20.

Can I bring my musical instrument ?

Yes please do. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to use it.

Whats the story with laundry ?

The Bean an Tí will do one wash per week during the course.

Can I stay with my friend ?

Yes, if your friend names you on the application form. We guarantee that you will be housed with at least one of your friends.

Can I receive letters ?

Yes of course. Just ask family or friends to address it to “your name”, C/O Coláiste Árainn Mhóir, Oileán Árainn Mhóir, Co. Dun na nGall. All post is given out at afternoon games.