Morning Classes

Formal language classes are held in the Coláiste from Monday to Saturday every week. Instruction is provided at every level from beginners to Leaving Certificate standard. Students are assigned classes according to age and ability and the Coláiste makes every effort to place each student in a class from which he / she will gain most advantage. It is possible within the first few days to change students from class to class in order to ensure that they are at the appropriate level and gain full benefit from their stay in the Gaeltacht. It is important to understand that the formal classes are only a small part of the course. Every part of the 3-week course is geared towards practicing the spoken language. If a student is serious about wanting to improve their spoken Irish it is vital that they speak Irish at all times. The staff will provide every encouragement and will place a special emphasis on providing enjoyable, social activities in which they may do so.

  • Oral Irish accounts for 50% of leaving cert grade.
  • Irish taught through games and fun activities.
  • Students are placed in classes according to age and level.