One of Árainn Mhór’s most renowned daughters was Róise Rua, who was nationally recognised as one of the most important sean-nós singers of the century. In Coláiste Árainn Mhóir we try to live up to her memory. We are fortunate to have several accomplished musicians on staff in Árainn Mhór, who have a deep understanding of the tradition but who never shy away from modern trends in singing and traditional music. We endeavour to present our students with a mixture of traditional and more contemporary Irish music. Over the years we have established a name for ourselves as a college which has attracted a large number of musically talented students providing opportunities to develop, display and celebrate their talents. Recognition of this fact came in recent times when both Raidió na Gaeltachta and TG4 sent crews into the island to record our students. The College Choir and instrumental group provide the musical accompaniment at the weekly Mass in the island chapel.


At the end of the course each student will be able to do at least 9-10 ceilí/set dances. The ceilí is the highlight of many students time spent in the Gaeltacht. It never ceases to amaze the College staff, that young people, who are so sophisticated in many other ways, get so much enjoyment out of the traditional Irish dances. Teachers who themselves are accomplished dancers, provide expert tuition every day in dance. Having said that modern fashions are not ignored. Some of our past pupils are now touring with professional companies. The céilí is a social occasion. Each student is given ample opportunity to display their talents during the ceilí, but for those who don’t wish to perform publicly there is the best of music and dance provided.